Safety Tips

Safety measures while selling products.

  • Avoid receiving payments in cheques or drafts
  • If bulk order is received, ask buyer for id proof and all required credentials
  • Until and unless the deal is final, do not share your financial credentials with everyone
  • Ad description should meet the product description in reality to avoid any inconvenience with buyer
  • Always check for buyer credentials before any payment

Safety measures while buying products.

  • Always meet seller at safe location
  • Inspect the product carefully before purchasing
  • Be careful about unrealistic offers
  • Make payment only after you have received the product
  • Do check for the history of products where needed to confirm it has not been stolen or theft
  • Compare prices from different sellers before purchasing

Safety measures regarding account information.

  • Do not share your id and password with anyone
  • Always use long and strong password
  • Set difficult password

What to do if encountered with fraudlent buyer or seller

  • Please contact us, at Legal Issues if you suspect someone to be acting fraudulently
  • Also notify the Police immediately if you have been a victim of fraud