Why should I opt for featured Ads ?

Featured Tag

On 21flips your Ad may be last amongst thousands of Ads that appear every day. There is a way Featured Ad display your Ads with a unique coloured featured ribbon pinned to your ad.

Higher Responses

Your Ad is on the site since few days but did not get any replies yet? Take advantage of Featured Ads and get upto 10 times more responses than the other Ads! Featured Ads display your Ad in a designated area in a highlighted manner. That makes, users visit them more often and you'll get more replies. And that's it!!

Top Of Search Results

On 21flips, featured ad appears at the top of the search results. First featured ads are displayed and below them free ads are displayed i.e. featured ad floats at the top of results every time in related searches.

Uniquely Highlighted

Featured ad appears in different colour from the free ad, thus by making it specially visible in highlighted way along with the green featured tag.

Check rates for this criteria

Featured Ads rates might change.